December is an exciting month for many – mince pies, twinkly lights and mulled everything (Yep,this one’s a bit late. The blog setting up zeal of September obviously hasn’t continued, but I’m going to try to rekindle it. And I love reminiscing about Christmas). But most exciting of all, it’s seal pupping season. I honestly rate this as one of the world’s greatest wildlife experiences and religiously return to spend a morning on the dunes of Horsey beach when the colony is in full swing. This year our visit had everything; we saw big males competing for the title of beach master and the losers get chased up and down the dunes, and newborn pups just a couple of hours old mewing to wake their mums up. Topped off by a short eared owl hunting in the mist as we walked back to the car. Sigh. Anyway, I took some photos. Prepare for some knee-buckling cuteness.


N.B. All these photos were taken with a long lens, keeping to the public pathways. Respect the signs people!


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