* TAPS * HELLO?? IS THIS THING ON? Once again, it’s been a while. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that life had been busy, what with work and travel plans and patchy internet access. And to be honest, things up until now just haven’t stopped. I’m not complaining- I know it’s a privilege to … More LIFE, LATELY


BULGARIA Of all the places on that made it onto my summer travel list, Bulgaria was very much the least expected. When the invite to the Black Sea coast arrived for the (absolutely awesome) wedding of a friend, I immediately started looking at flights- but I figured that the few days I’d spend there wouldn’t be … More SWALLOWS OF SOZOPOL


New job, new city, new palaeontology museum, as the saying goes. Ahem. The only time I’d previously visited Cambridge’s Sedgwick museum was nervously before job interviews, but I remember making a mental note that if I ever found myself here again, I’d go and see it properly. After moving here at the end of February … More THE SEDGWICK


Judging by all that glorious sunshine last week, we seem to have sped through Spring and landed squarely in Summer – but in this post I want to take you back to two weeks ago, when we’d just shaken off the last of the cold March weather and it felt like everything was still just … More FOLLOW THE SPIDERS


Yep- we’re back in the Centenario again. The park at the edge of Cartagena’s old town is like some sort of Mary Poppins bag of amazing wildlife- for, as well as the monkeys, that tiny plot also has a population of sloths and enormous green iguanas. Like the monkeys, their being able to make their … More CENTENARIO


Discovering new places is awesome. Discovering new places that unexpectedly host some of your favourite seabirds is more awesome still. A couple of weekends ago we broke the long drive from Norwich to Manchester with a quick detour to Hunstanton beach. A quick online search had informed me that the famous red and white cliffs were a … More MALLIMACK


What is it about old museums? Me and Ye Olde Zoology are continuing our love affair, which recently lead me to dig out my copy of In the Heart of the Amazon Forest, but also to revisit a much-loved gem of a museum in the middle of Dublin. There are a few natural history museums that … More THE DEAD ZOO


Has anyone been watching Wild Ireland? Colin Stafford-Johnson’s trip up the west coast of Ireland in a currach was an enthralling masterpiece- and it resonated particularly closely as I was still going through pictures from our brief trip to Connemara at the beginning of March. Like him, we wandered from forest to mountain to coast, and while … More BEACH


Aside from, you know, the time I spent studying for an MSc, the year I spent living in Dublin was full of awesome side trips to the far extremities of the country. We went camping on Inis Mór, surfing in the Atlantic in December, and on fruitless sea eagle searches in Killarney National Park. Despite this, the list … More CONNEMARA


A word of warning: any palaeo friends (i.e. most people I know in Manchester) might want to stop reading now, as I’m about to reveal the extent of my ignorance when it comes to ancient life. I’ve always enjoyed the ichthyosaur section in the Natural History Museum as much as the next person, and noted with … More FIRST LIFE