23rd February, and I’ve already seen two lots of ducklings, which means that their parents (in both cases Egyptian geese) must have been sitting on eggs since January. Yes, Egyptian geese aren’t native, and we’re not sure if they might turn into a problem. But they now have a special place in my heart because … More DUCKLING


Paradoxically for such a sprawling megacity, London is a dream for zoological adventures. This is particularly true if you want to delve into the olden days and get a taste of the subject when it was a race to collect one of every creature and display it in a jar. The  Natural History Museum in … More JARS & SKELETONS


I’m writing this half way to Norwich from my new home in London (hopefully more on this later). My new job hardly gives me any time to check normal PhD e-mails, but this week I had some most lovely correspondence from the International Primatological Society telling me my abstract has been accepted for a poster … More MONKEY