As is becoming habit, I’m using packing for a new trip as an excuse to get all nostalgic about ventures past. This time we’re hopping over the Irish sea to Dublin and thence to Connemara, but two years ago I was filling a much bigger suitcase from a trip to the other side of the world. New Zealand … More NEW ZEALAND


A word of warning: any palaeo friends (i.e. most people I know in Manchester) might want to stop reading now, as I’m about to reveal the extent of my ignorance when it comes to ancient life. I’ve always enjoyed the ichthyosaur section in the Natural History Museum as much as the next person, and noted with … More FIRST LIFE


Back when I started Stripy Tapir, I wanted it to be a diary of sorts- an annotated field book and a place to look back on past adventures. I didn’t really have high expectations for it and hoped it would be able to stay afloat despite PhD work and intermittent lack of internet. Last Thursday, however, I … More THANK YOU