Wait a minute Stafford, shouldn’t you have done this a month ago, when veganuary a thing? OK- let me explain. There is broad scientific consensus that animal agriculture is a major source of global greenhouse gas emissions. Headlines like the one below, from the Guardian a couple of weeks ago; are becoming frighteningly more common. The main culprit? … More VEGUARY


I found myself in Canterbury during the brief flurry of snow we had last week, watching it fall from the window and wondering if my train journey back to Manchester would be delayed (and after crossing London on the way there during the tube strike, I really wasn’t in the mood for another ‘adventurous’ journey). It … More WINTER


When I moved to Dublin to study for my Masters degree, one of the salient memories of my first commutes into the city was the glimpse of a sea of white as my bus crossed the grand canal at Rathmines. That sea, it turned out, was a large gathering of mute swans, congregating near a … More EALAÍ