As is becoming habit, I’m using packing for a new trip as an excuse to get all nostalgic about ventures past. This time we’re hopping over the Irish sea to Dublin and thence to Connemara, but two years ago I was filling a much bigger suitcase from a trip to the other side of the world. New Zealand … More NEW ZEALAND


It’s coming up to two weeks since we got back from an incredible fortnight exploring Japan, and I think I deserve a thorough pat on the back for whittling down the thousands of photographs we took into these few- these lucky few- that reflect some of my favourite moments meeting some of the country’s most celebrated mammals and … More NARA


ISLA DE LA PLATA With my trusty wheelie suitcase once again on the living room floor in the process of being packed for our next adventure, I feel like I have a valid pass to reminisce about my last ‘holiday’ taken back in July this year. With a few days to spare while we were waiting for … More SILVER ISLAND


It’s been a while hasn’t it? Between a trip to Chicago, getting home and finishing off papers, and most recently two weeks at Kew on a plant taxonomy course, the blog has had to take a brief hiatus. Rest assured though, I’m back in Manchester for the next month or so and looking forward to posting more … More WILD CHICAGO: A GUIDE