HORSEY ROOKERY I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had the conversation where I’ve tried to convince someone that wildlife of the British Isles is every bit as charismatic as that you get elsewhere. It’s true that in terms of species numbers, the UK is relatively depauperate. It’s also true that we don’t … More THE ROOKERY


If anything was going to be enough of a lure for me to brave the replacement bus service to Strumpshaw, it was the promise of a new-born calf. No sooner had it been mentioned than I was trying to manoeuvre my bike into the luggage compartment of the coach before hastily wrestling it back out … More CHAMPIGNON


In one of those instances where you never notice something until someone points it out to you, and then you see it everywhere; last week I noticed the cow parsley. There seems to the swathes of the stuff wherever I look at the moment, but with its fern-like leaves, geometric stalks, and delicate little white … More IN THE COW PARSLEY


After hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photographs, I still don’t feel like I’ve shot anything that truly captures the magic of a bluebell wood. I suppose it’s one of those experiences that isn’t just about what you see, but it’s about the smell and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and … More BLUEBELL WOOD


Judging by all that glorious sunshine last week, we seem to have sped through Spring and landed squarely in Summer – but in this post I want to take you back to two weeks ago, when we’d just shaken off the last of the cold March weather and it felt like everything was still just … More FOLLOW THE SPIDERS


Easter landed early this year, and when I looked at the grim weather forecast for the long weekend I knew that my usual plan of finding a little sun trap at Strumpshaw from which to watch spring unfurl just wasn’t going to cut it. Enter the amphibians- known to spawn as early as January, I … More OPHELIA


Not being much of a one for endlessly sitting in a hide, serendipity has come to play a very large part in my wildlife watching. I’d much rather set out into a nature reserve without set plans of what I want to see than to stake out a particular location. Of course, the main purpose … More SNIPE


If this is a week for underdogs (go team GB!) then writing about lichens seems about right. Fiendishly difficult to identify and small in stature, it’s not surprising that they don’t get much of the limelight- but their obscurity seems a little bit unfair once you start uncovering how strange and wonderful they are. Lichens … More LICHEN


It’s that time of year again- the Christmas tree is up, it’s socially acceptable to mull everything, and the UK’s coast has been become a hot-bed of extreme cuteness as the grey seal pupping season gets into full swing. This year we visited the colony at Horsey on the first week of December, and it … More SEAL PUP