If this is a week for underdogs (go team GB!) then writing about lichens seems about right. Fiendishly difficult to identify and small in stature, it’s not surprising that they don’t get much of the limelight- but their obscurity seems a little bit unfair once you start uncovering how strange and wonderful they are. Lichens … More LICHEN


It’s that time of year again- the Christmas tree is up, it’s socially acceptable to mull everything, and the UK’s coast has been become a hot-bed of extreme cuteness as the grey seal pupping season gets into full swing. This year we visited the colony at Horsey on the first week of December, and it … More SEAL PUP


I realise the blog has been travelling around the jungle for quite some time now, so before we head to the next destination (the venerable Galápagos islands), I thought I’d head back to Norfolk for a bit of appreciation of how gorgeous this time of year is in the UK. These were taken on a … More AUTUMN


Discovering new places is awesome. Discovering new places that unexpectedly host some of your favourite seabirds is more awesome still. A couple of weekends ago we broke the long drive from Norwich to Manchester with a quick detour to Hunstanton beach. A quick online search had informed me that the famous red and white cliffs were a … More MALLIMACK


These pictures were taken during the Easter weekend, on stroll over to Mousehold Heath on Saturday, and a meander through Strumpshaw Fen on Sunday. The sun was feeble but it was warm enough to be out without a coat, and the flowering garlic mustard was attracting in delicate little hoverflies. I saw my first orange tip and speckled … More RHYTHMS


More than any other season, Spring is defined by firsts. First swallow, first cuckoo, first snowdrop, first frog spawn, first bumblebee queen. For me though, the arrival of Spring these past few years has been heralded by something a little smaller, hidden beside a very ordinary bench at Strumpshaw Fen. It would be excessively easy to … More BURROWERS


It’s a month since I was last at Strumpshaw Fen, but things have noticeably shifted in those four weeks and it now feels like the reedbeds are on the brink on summer. St Mark’s flies, which were lazily flying in their hundreds the last time I was there, are now completely absent and have been … More LONGHORN


As bank holiday weekends go, this last one was practically perfect in every way. Sandwiched between a pyjama day on Sunday, I spent Saturday and Monday at RSPB Strumpshaw Fen and Buckenham Marshes. The sun was out, the cuckoos were calling, the bitterns booming, and if I listed every single species I saw this post … More BANK HOLIDAY


December is an exciting month for many – mince pies, twinkly lights and mulled everything (Yep,this one’s a bit late. The blog setting up zeal of September obviously hasn’t continued, but I’m going to try to rekindle it. And I love reminiscing about Christmas). But most exciting of all, it’s seal pupping season. I honestly rate this … More HORSEY