After three wonderful months in London, I’m now writing this from more Northerly lattitudes in my little apartment in Manchester. Last Friday was my last day as a fellow at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology where as well as writing a peer-reviewed briefing on marine microplastic pollution (hopefully to be soon published) I … More LEPIDOPTERA


St James’s Park lies mere metres away from my office, and the gorgeous Spring sunshine felt like enough justification for a (slightly-extended) lunch time jolly to see its famous eastern white pelicans at feeding time. It turns out that they’re a bit of a park institution; the first ones were gifted by the Russian ambassador … More PARK PELICANS


Not the most loved of creatures, moles. Nerd that I am I find it really exciting when I see little puffs of earth coming from molehills, indicating that the digger must be directly below, but to date I hadn’t  seen one up close. This all changed last Thursday, when we found one dead by a … More MOLE