Well- that was some weather we had last week. Things have just about thawed out in Norwich, and this last post from Colombia has me itching for some warmer days and longer evenings. This the final one from last year’s enormous odyssey, which signals that it must be time to start planning next year’s 😀. … More THE BOTANIC GARDEN


Yep- we’re back in the Centenario again. The park at the edge of Cartagena’s old town is like some sort of Mary Poppins bag of amazing wildlife- for, as well as the monkeys, that tiny plot also has a population of sloths and enormous green iguanas. Like the monkeys, their being able to make their … More CENTENARIO


We’ve had a couple of cold, rainy days recently- the sort that are most enjoyed from the comfort of a sofa with a steaming hot chocolate and not outside testing the waterproofness of one’s outer layers. So instead of reporting on the goings on around Norfolk, I thought I’d let the blog go travelling again- … More COTTON-TOP