* TAPS * HELLO?? IS THIS THING ON? Once again, it’s been a while. A couple of posts ago I mentioned that life had been busy, what with work and travel plans and patchy internet access. And to be honest, things up until now just haven’t stopped. I’m not complaining- I know it’s a privilege to … More LIFE, LATELY


BULGARIA Of all the places on that made it onto my summer travel list, Bulgaria was very much the least expected. When the invite to the Black Sea coast arrived for the (absolutely awesome) wedding of a friend, I immediately started looking at flights- but I figured that the few days I’d spend there wouldn’t be … More SWALLOWS OF SOZOPOL


*** So- the final post from my time in Spain. Sitting here in Cambridge, my window wide open to try to deal with the oppressive heat, it’s not much of a stretch to imagine I’m back there. Therefore, please regard this post as a multi-sensory experience-  just read it before the heatwave ends. *** MADRID … More NEW NATIVES


The Sierra de Guadarrama, in June, is what wildflower dreams are made of. The towering grasses, the swathes of chamomile, the colour. Add the heat, the chirruping of the crickets and the rattle of the azure-winged magpies, and you have a full on assault on the senses- a feast where everything is abundant. This week I arrived back from 5 … More FLORA HISPANICA


In one of those instances where you never notice something until someone points it out to you, and then you see it everywhere; last week I noticed the cow parsley. There seems to the swathes of the stuff wherever I look at the moment, but with its fern-like leaves, geometric stalks, and delicate little white … More IN THE COW PARSLEY


After hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of photographs, I still don’t feel like I’ve shot anything that truly captures the magic of a bluebell wood. I suppose it’s one of those experiences that isn’t just about what you see, but it’s about the smell and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and … More BLUEBELL WOOD


New job, new city, new palaeontology museum, as the saying goes. Ahem. The only time I’d previously visited Cambridge’s Sedgwick museum was nervously before job interviews, but I remember making a mental note that if I ever found myself here again, I’d go and see it properly. After moving here at the end of February … More THE SEDGWICK