If this is a week for underdogs (go team GB!) then writing about lichens seems about right. Fiendishly difficult to identify and small in stature, it’s not surprising that they don’t get much of the limelight- but their obscurity seems a little bit unfair once you start uncovering how strange and wonderful they are. Lichens … More LICHEN


Dare I say, we might be at a turning point? These past few weeks have seen such a huge number of articles, pledges and inspiring stories about plastic pollution that maybe, just maybe, I feel we’re starting to see the cultural shift that’s needed. I was really happy to see the recent pledges by supermarkets … More PLASTIC FREE TEA


Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was spent making the most of Strumpshaw Fen finally emerging from the floodwaters- but, more importantly, I raised a glass to the one year anniversary edition of New Nature magazine, which this month features an article written by yours truly (you can skip to it here). In … More I’M IN NEW NATURE!


It’s that time of year again- the Christmas tree is up, it’s socially acceptable to mull everything, and the UK’s coast has been become a hot-bed of extreme cuteness as the grey seal pupping season gets into full swing. This year we visited the colony at Horsey on the first week of December, and it … More SEAL PUP


ISABELA I can only describe Isabela as the lost world meets tropical paradise. The largest island on the Galápagos, it has mist-hidden volcanoes, dramatic escarpments, and unearthly Opuntia forests; but it’s also blessed with a sublime number of white sand beaches and aquamarine seas. If you’re on a land-based DIY itinerary like we were, you’ll stay … More A GUIDE TO ISABELA