I realise the blog has been travelling around the jungle for quite some time now, so before we head to the next destination (the venerable Galápagos islands), I thought I’d head back to Norfolk for a bit of appreciation of how gorgeous this time of year is in the UK. These were taken on a rainy afternoon walk round Strumpshaw’s wet woodland, at that sweet spot in Autumn where the leaves have changed brown and gold but are still clinging precariously to the trees and floating down like snow whenever a breeze passes through. There were plenty of mushrooms around, but I have to admit I’m totally rubbish at fungus ID and have no idea what any of these are. Still, they looked shiny in the rain, and it was nice not to have to look to hard too find loads of different species.

After a blustery walk back via the meadows I came home to a roast, a rice pudding, and a glass of wine, and just about reached peak Autumn. More days like this please 🍂



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