Back when I started Stripy Tapir, I wanted it to be a diary of sorts- an annotated field book and a place to look back on past adventures. I didn’t really have high expectations for it and hoped it would be able to stay afloat despite PhD work and intermittent lack of internet. Last Thursday, however, I got a bit of a shock to see that it had won the 2016 BBC Wildlife Magazine’s best blog award. I found out while I was working late trying to fix some graphs and could only give a garbled explanation to my lab-mates as to why I was so inordinately happy. For somebody who has idolised that magazine since I was little, let’s just say it’s quite a big deal.


Although I of course want to thank BBC Wildlife profusely, I also want to say this- while Stripy Tapir features my ramblings, it’s only here because I’m incredibly lucky to have family and friends that love the natural world as much as I do. They get up at 5am with me to go see rutting deer, drive the width of the country to go fossil hunting, visit obscure museums, get chilled to the bone watching swans and rook roosts, and even sit patiently while I spend 15 minutes taking pictures of flies on a cowpat (true story- this genuinely happened with my boyfriend (He’s a keeper)). They show me new and wonderful places to see wildlife, and I am very, very fortunate to have them. So, and I really am trying to stem the schmaltz here, thank you. You know who you are. Here’s to more adventures.


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