Wait a minute Stafford, shouldn’t you have done this a month ago, when veganuary a thing? OK- let me explain.


There is broad scientific consensus that animal agriculture is a major source of global greenhouse gas emissions. Headlines like the one below, from the Guardian a couple of weeks ago;

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 21.13.16.png

are becoming frighteningly more common. The main culprit? Rising sea temperatures as a result of global warming. And every time I something like this, I stop to think if I’m doing as much as I can to play my part in fixing this enormous mess we’ve got ourselves into, because I know I want to continue to live in a world with coral reefs. In fact, I want to live in a world with all of the species listed in this article, especially the white lemuroid ringtail possum, because I’ve just discovered it exists and it is unbelievably cute.

Anyway- going vegan, or at least drastically reducing my meat and dairy intake, could make a significant dent in my carbon footprint (see here and here for example), and give the lemuroid ring possum, and all those other remarkable species, a bit more of a chance. I really liked the thought of having a target that seemed achievable, so was planning to delve into Veganuary. However, having suffered from coeliac disease since I was 18, and being aware that I’m about to turn myself into a catering nightmare, I decided to wait for a month when I didn’t have much travel lined up to delve in.

So- four weeks later than planned, here I am, sitting in a flat now devoid of meat, eggs and dairy and stuffed to the rafters with hummus and pulses and bananas and peanut butter. I will try to be a gluten-free vegan for the next 28 days (hence, Veguary). I’m pretty excited, have an entire pinterest board devoted to new vegan recipes, and am determined to see it as a way of discovering new and delicious things rather than some sort of self-righteous sacrifice. I’m going to try to keep the blog updated with my failures and successes, and share any links that gave particularly tasty results. Here goes!




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